The Big Idea

Each of us has a unique story to tell about our political lives. For many the Democratic Party has been an integral part of our identity. For some, especially young people at this particular time, the Party represents an institution to be challenged and changed. For others, the Party drives our contribution to our communities, a way to exercise our passion for interests and issues, and find friends and companions. At a time when many are asking whether or not the Democratic Party still represents their interests, getting as much information as possible might be helpful.

Capturing the Idea

So…let’s find a way for people to tell their stories and talk about what they think is going on. Since a lot of the people we want to hear from will be at the Democratic National Convention, let’s go to talk to as many as possible and provide multiple opportunities to share.

Doing The Work

The Civil Engagement team will be in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Spokane gathering interviews, working social media, , and watching the event unfold on site and from a distance. We will be working hard to find good stories.

Tell Your Story

If you were born in a log cabin, that’s OK. Your story is just a bit longer than some others. If you weren’t, the job might get a bit easier. If you are new to politics, no worries, we’re sure you have something important to say.

Sharing the Story

What will we do with the stories? We really don’t know what we will find. That’s the fun part. We do intend to sift through everyone’s contribution to find themes, thoughts, and ideas that can be shared to start conversations and stimulate action within the Party. Copies of our work will be made available on our website.