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Civil Engagement in 2016…


In our effort to find and encourage civility, Civil Engagement is adding some new material for 2016.   We are looking forward to our two-part series on Death in a Civil Society.  We’ll be doing a series on religious freedom from the perspective of college activists and religious leaders.  We’re setting up round two of our Civility Project exploring the perception of civility by student on the campus of UNLV and by folks who work on social justice issues.  We are working on getting some out-of-town experts to weigh in from time to time as well.  And of course, we will continue to engage with lots of good people doing great things in our nonprofit community.  So join us on Thursday evenings at 8:30 P.M. on 91.5 FM for dynamic dialogue and interesting guests to get you to your “civil place.”



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All of us die.  All of us experience the death of those we love and care about.  As a society, we share in the death of people who helped us connect common interests and ideas—music, public service, even movies and literature.  Many of us also have a difficult time talking about death and loss, and in doing so may miss out on finding more meaning in life and more opportunities to find common ground with friends, families, and communities.  Today’s edition of Civil Engagement is the first in a two-part series exploring how we approach death in our society, and how the end of life may open the door to better relationships and deeper connection to our fellow human beings.


Our guest on this week’s edition is Allison Copening, CEO of Seasons Funeral Planning Services and is a Certified Celebrant.








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