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Civil Engagement

Good People Doing Great Things!


Join us for entertaining information about the people and organizations that make Southern Nevada a great place to live.  Our "Little Lessons in Leadership"  feature is thought provoking and will open the doors to new conversations with more to come to support our nonprofits and their leaders.


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Who is a neighbor?  The person next door?  The person who our child goes to school with?  Someone from our church, synagogue, or mosque? Why should we care about them?  We have our own problems and needs.  We are busy and we don’t have time.


Our guest on this edition of Civil Engagement is working to answer those questions and help all of us find a sense of humanity and caring for others.


All of the folks on our shows do great things for our community in so many ways.  But I have to say, that I was absolutely intrigued by the concept of giving embodied in the work of In12Days.  Our guest on this edition of Civil Engagement is Suzanne Lea, founder.  Welcome to Civil Engagement.



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Crime in Southern Nevada seems to be a common experience.  Burglaries, shootings, domestic violence, car thefts are reported everyday.  In my neighborhood, it is not unusual to wake up to the sound of the police helicopter circling nearby.  Nevada ranks close to the top of other states in violent crime and murder and right at the top in motor vehicle thefts.  We do a bit better in the rankings for juvenile crime and end up in the middle of the pack.


So how do we begin to prevent crime before it happens, our guest on this edition of Civil Engagement, Sheree Corniel is the Executive Director of Real Talk, a program that works to support at-risk youth and help them to identify and reach their goals.




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