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You can now listen to Civil Engagement on 91.5 FM at its new time, 8:30 Thursday evenings.  We've got some new features coming and a whole lot of great guests for 2015.  Join us for entertaining information about the people and organizations that make Southern Nevada a great place to live.  Our new "Little Lessons in Leadership"  feature is thought provoking and will open the doors to new conversations with more to come to support our nonprofits and their leaders.


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It’s getting closer to the start of school, stores have their displays up, the kids are getting bored and even those who don’t like school very much are ready to go back.  Families are getting ready to enjoy the last few weeks doing vacations and travel if they can.  Others are struggling to keep an eye on the kids and find things for them to do.


As we get ready for the new school year-- beyond the school supplies and new clothes-- parents are asking the question:  what are the kids going to do after school? How do we help them get their homework done?  And perhaps most important--how do we keep them out of trouble?  On this edition of Civil Engagement, our guest Ranna Daud from After School All Stars, helps us get ahead of the curve to start planning for the opening of the 2015-2016 school year.



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Jurassic Park in Las Vegas? How about a Pleistocene Playground? Most people associate Las Vegas with the Strip and more modern times: neon, slot machines, clubs, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Some folks come and never leave. So it is with the Columbian mammoths, horses, camel and bison from the Ice Age—as long as 200,000 years ago.


Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument was established as the 405th unit of the National Park Service December 19, 2014—owing in part to a concerted effort by local activists and government support. On this edition of Civil Engagement, we’re going to get an update on what what’s been happening in the last six months and what we can look forward to, as the Monument becomes an important visible part of Southern Nevada’s heritage and resources. Join me, Vince Santucci the Monument Superintendent and Sherri Grotheer from Protectors of Tule Springs as we celebrate some good news!

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