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You can now listen to Civil Engagement on 91.5 FM at its new time, 8:30 Thursday evenings.  We've got some new features coming and a whole lot of great guests for 2015.  Join us for entertaining information about the people and organizations that make Southern Nevada a great place to live.  Our new "Little Lessons in Leadership"  feature is thought provoking and will open the doors to new conversations with more to come to support our nonprofits and their leaders.


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For many of us, there’s always a bit more month left at the end of the money.  No matter how hard we try, there are just too many interesting things calling our name or bills demanding to be paid.  We do OK but have a sense that if we learned more as kids, we might be further ahead today.


How do we teach kids to manage money so they can meet their goals and aspirations?  In a civil society it is important to anticipate, plan, and sometimes learn how to delay gratification.  On this week’s edition of Civil Engagement, we talk with Rich McCord, Chair of the Nevada Council of Economic Education for some thoughts and ideas about how kids learn to manage money.


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We all have limitations.  Some of us have trouble at sports.  Some of us struggle with managing our time or money.  Some of us really have to work at maintaining relationships.  For others, learning new things and remembering them is difficult. Unfortunately when those limitations are bigger or more apparent to others, we often become uncomfortable and shy away from people with disabilities and dismiss them as being incapable of relating to us. On last week’s edition of Civil Engagement, we explored the world of people with developmental disabilities and how one organization works to develop potential and possibilities for all of us.


Hit play for an intriguing conversation with Tony Raimondo from Transition Services, Inc.





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