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Mental Health Services on UNLV Campus

Join us for the Remote Area Medical event!


October 2-4th

RAM, CARE Coalition, and partners in the community need hundreds of volunteers.


 If you are interested in volunteering

as a health care professional or as a general volunteer visit their website.


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Civil Engagement

Good People Doing Great Things!


Join us for entertaining information about the people and organizations that make Southern Nevada a great place to live.  Our "Little Lessons in Leadership"  feature is thought provoking and will open the doors to new conversations with more to come to support our nonprofits and their leaders.


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75% of lifetime mental health conditions begin by age 24.  Yet, over 40% of students with diagnosable conditions never seek help.  This puts college campuses on the front lines of helping to address the needs of young adults, right here and right now.  On this week’s edition of Civil Engagement, we talk to two women who are helping to promote mental health by working to reduce the stigma and to increase awareness of services on campus at UNLV.  Our interview with Brianna Maxim and Natasha Samoylova from the Mental Well Being Awareness and Health Alliance, a student group on campus, is informative and illustrative about the challenges of addressing mental health of college age adults.



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Even with the Affordable Care Act, many Southern Nevadans are without health care.  The CARE Coalition is the lead organization this year in sponsoring the Remote Area Medical Event.  Over 3,000 people will have an opportunity to get eye exams and glasses, dental exams, as well as medical and mental health services.  Join us as we discuss the event and then enjoy a conversation with us as we preview upcoming shows and channel George Washington about civil behavior.


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